Drop-In Leadership Conference 

Don't Have a Full Day Available?  

Try a Drop-In Conference!

If your campus schedule is too full to dedicate an entire day to a Campus Leadership Conference, then try Del's Drop-In Conference.  It's a similar concept to the way you present novelty and variety programs on your campus.  Students can attend between classes.

You can select up to five presentations for Del to present at scheduled times throughout the day.  Students can drop-in anytime they have available:  between classes, during lunch or breaks.  You can present up to five different programs, or you can repeat the programs you believe your student leaders need most of all.

This Drop-In Conference also provides an opportunity to collaborate with classroom instruction.  Instructors may choose to offer extra credit to his or her students for attending these programs, especially those teaching First Year Experience classes, Student Success classes, Leadership programs, and other relevant classes.  On occasion, an instructor will actually bring his or her entire class to these sessions, or assign the students to attend.

You know this strategy works with your novelty and variety programs on campus.  It also works with Leadership Development!  You will find that attendance will increase throughout the day, as news of the programs spreads through word-of-mouth.

Here is a sample Drop-In conference program. All topics and times are a suggestion only, and should be modified to meet your campus needs.

Sample Schedule

9:00-10:00 a.m.  Truly LeadingTM

So you've sought a position of leadership (or had it thrust upon you). Now what do you do? Leadership can be a complex task, but True Leadership comes from both within and without. It begins by knowing yourself, and who you seek to be. In this session, we'll define leadership, consider the various elements and components. By understanding what followers look for and expect from their leaders, you can better develop the characteristics and attributes that will make you a better leader. This allows you to to Truly Lead by inspiring others to follow.

11:00-Noon  Recreating Your Organization

It seems like every organization-- no matter how dynamic-- eventually becomes stale. Successful leaders are able to reignite organizations and members, and inspire them to higher goals. This session will cover a number of immediate actions that can be implemented today to improve your organization, plus both short-term and long-term changes which will result in continuing improvements next month and next year. It includes some basic leadership skills, organizational structure, meeting management, concepts of goal setting, and outcome evaluation.

1:00-2:00 pm  Secrets of Recruitment

Ever notice that some organizations have lots of active and involved members, while other organizations struggle to survive? There is always a reason, and often that reason is one word: recruitment. This session will teach you to recruit more (and better) members, while also teaching you how to get those new members involved. If you want your campus organizations to flourish, then consider presenting this program. You can never have too many volunteers!

3:00-4:00 pm  Better Leader Today! TM

All great leaders have skills in three distinct areas: personal leadership, organizational leadership, and interpersonal skills.  You'll learn the basic sources of leadership plus three ways to become a better leader. You'll learn three ways to do a better job leading your organization. And-- the bonus-- the three most important interpersonal skills. This is a great session for your intermediate leaders, those who are showing great potential and need some direction to the next level of leadership skill.  You will leave this session a better leader today!

5:00-6:00  How To Do AnythingTM

What do you want to do? Be SGA President? Be President of the United States? Fly a plane? Be a movie star? Teach? Travel? This session will give you the tools to reach your goals. Success is a matter of goal setting and developing a plan of action. Achieving your goals is really pretty simple...whether they are basic or lofty, material or spiritual. First you have to set a goal, then develop a strategy to accomplish it. But, of course, you have to stay motivated. This session is perfect for nearly any group from Orientation, FYE classes, Student Government, athletic teams & more.

This is only a sample Drop-In conference program to assist you in your planning. All topics and times are suggestions only, and can be modified to meet your needs. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, please contact Del. You might also consider these programs:

Many Other Available Topics

Remember that YOU know your students.  You know what they need to learn about both personal and organizational leadership.  Del has many different presentations, and you can choose ANY of the programs that he has listed on this website.  You can offer a variety of leadership programs, student activities training, and even professional staff development programs as a part of this Drop-In Conference.  

Making More Time with Time Management

Time management is a lie-- we can't manage time.  What we can do is manage how we use the time we have.  This program deals with the "Three P's of Time Management":  Planning, Prioritizing, and Procrastination.  After attending this program, your students will have some solid and useful tools for utilizing their time, and getting more done.  

Goal Setting For Organizations

Goals are not ethereal, abstract dreams. They are concrete and specific-- and absolutely necessary for every organization and individual. Whether it's raising funds for worthy cause, becoming the largest club on campus, or simply seeking to be "the best," every group must have a goal. There a strategies for setting and achieving goals, strategies which will move you towards success directly and quickly. This session will teach you how.

Interpersonal Skills and Conflict Resolution

It is remarkable how important our interpersonal skills are in our lives. They effect every aspect of your personality and perception-- that is, how you are perceived! Interpersonal skills include everything from your manners and habits to etiquette. Have good interpersonal skills can assure you get the job at the interview-- or a date for the dance. They are that important. Understanding conflict, and how to resolve it, is a singular Interpersonal Skill that will also draw focus in this session.

Leading Through Service

In today's world, the gift of service may be even more valuable to many nonprofit organizations than philanthropy. You can support the causes you believe in with your service, while growing into a better leader. Learn how your own efforts can lead to positive changes within individuals, families, and the world-- while at the same time you are honing your own leadership skills. This session includes some basic leadership skills, achievement practices, goal setting, and successful motivations from a lifelong volunteer leader.

The Leadership Position

Some folks just seem to be "born leaders." But if you're not a trait-based leader, you can still attain a Leadership Position. That doesn't mean just winning an election or being appointed to the right position, because 'power' is not the same as 'authority.' There are ways to "acquire" leadership-- that is, to be perceived as a leader and to inspire others to follow you. Drawing from such diverse sources as advertising and marketing concepts, Shakespeare, and even the basic tenants of Alcoholics Anonymous, this session explains how you can re-create yourself as a real leader.

The Business Of Music

A Topic of Special Interest to all your campus musicians and performers!
Designed to explain how the world of commercial music operates, this program covers nearly all areas of music and entertainment. It includes live performance, recording and the record industry, publishing, radio, and more. It will explain the role of such professionals as personal managers, booking agents, entertainment attorneys, road managers, and others. It's a rare chance to "follow the money" from a voting member of The Recording Academy!